Web Page Design with Kompozer

Web Page Design with Kompozer

Web Page Design with Kompozer for ITI-COPA

KompoZer is a complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page editing. With KompoZer, newcomers will quickly and easily be able to produce new web pages. It is a useful tool for ITI-COPA (Computer Operator and Programming Assistant) students. 


Tags - Using Kompozer for Web Page Designing Notes JavaScript, JavaScript –Introduction, Web Design with JavaScript, JavaScript – Functions, JavaScript - If-Else Statements & Loops, JavaScript - Window, Document & Form Objects, JavaScript - Date & Math Objects, JavaScript - String Object, JavaScript – Arrays, JavaScript – Error Handling. JavaScript is the world's most popular programming language. These topics will assist you in learning JavaScript from basic to advanced. Computer Notes for Computer FundamentalOperating SystemMS-OfficeDatabase Management SystemInternet & HTMLJava ScriptVBAAccounting Software, TallyInternet and E commerceComputer Networking , Employability Skills


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